The Harper Concensus

The Hunted

Prey in the Mists

The Harper Concensus found themselves unraveling the mystery of a girl’s missing parents and their home village lost to the mists of the Evermoors. By land, air, and see they searched to find answers. What they found instead were some trolls and the mysterious village of Arkenthorpe. The town though simple at first glance was somehow immune to the local aggression of the trolls and seemingly had secret all its own. When a medallion of Malar was uncovered the Harpers quickly went on the defensive as something much more foul was afoot as young boy showed up on their doorstep with the mark of Malar.

A wizards dream of becoming a deity was kept alive. Hell froze over as dwarves flew. Tyr’s presence was felt at each door. The witch was wicked to some trolls.


DrCentaur vincent12mcgill

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