Character Creation

System: Pathfinder

Allowable sourcebooks: Any hardback Pathfinder sourcebooks

Attributes: 25 pt buy

Races: Any of the core races.

Feats: One bonus feat at 1st level (must meet pre-requisites)

Alignment: Any non-evil

Classes: Any but gunslingers.

Archetypes: No synthesist summoners or obvious game-breaking stuff.

Starting Gold: 10th level characters get 82,000gp and 3rd level characters get 6,000gp to buy starting gear, magic items, etc.

Rules changes: We are modifying aiding an action, etc. The DC is now 10+ 1/2 character level and if you fail to assist by 5 or more there will be a -2 penalty to the check. Diagonal movement penalties are gone, one 5ft square is one 5ft square.

Character Creation

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