Wildshape Tiger Druid


Siberius is a dwarven druid who was raised in the forests of the north lands of Faerun. As a follower of Thard Harr he seeks to emulate the vuddor and was pair bonded to Raj, a siberian tiger, at a young age. Raj was the closest thing to a jungle cat that the north afforded.

His dwarven heritage has always presented some conflicting emotions for Siberius as he struggled to find balance between the master crafts of the Dwarves and nature’s simplicity of druidism. Ultimately, he was won over by nature and eschewed the fine forged dwarven weapons for the power of his own natural weapons. This created a large social difference between him and dwarven society and he was often looked down upon. This further forced him into solidarity and self reliance. Despite his individualism, over his adventures he has realized how useful symbiotic relationships with other adventurers can be and embraced the adventuring lifestyle. This ultimately led him to one of his greatest encounters against a green dragon. With the assistance of his harper associates they felled the dragon. Somewhat regretting the destruction of a natural dragon, he vowed to utilize and honor their kill. Thus he harvested the hide and created a suit of emerald green dragonhide platemail.


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